Beautiful Lighthouse View from One of Our Lots of Yachats Land for Sale

About Us

Creekside is a small, thoughtfully designed planned community on 6.7 acres of forested hillside overlooking the Pacific in Yachats, Oregon. Spring-fed Agency Creek meanders through our open space. Besides the spectacular ocean views and forest setting, we offer a hiking trail along the Creek, picnic areas, and a gazebo at the trail head. The City's East Side Trail passes through Creekside.

With its 4.6 acres of open space, our site wanted to be not just a subdivision, but a community.

A community of owners who would:

  • enjoy the common amenities
  • appreciate the buffer of the Creekside open space to the east and south and of the 11.2 acre property to the north which is restricted from development
  • share a unified architectural theme, yet achieve variety in individual homes through custom design to complement the unique views and orientations of each homesite.

The rugged natural beauty of Creekside is best complemented by an architecture of simple forms, construction, and function: The Craftsman tradition. As Gustav Stickley observed, "The simple lines of a Craftsman house give to it dignity and distinction which react most favorably upon the life and character of the family." Our home designs embrace the Craftsman ideals of Òhonesty in construction and materials (no useless ornamentation), economy of construction and use of space (no wasted space), maximum potential for indoor/outdoor living, [and] open and flexible interiors . . .

To insure our sense of community, architectural unity, and consistent quality of construction, we will sell home sites only to persons who contract for a home to be constructed within three (3) years after the purchase of the home site. A home designed for Lot 4 provides an example of the architectural theme and the quality of construction that will grace all of Creekside.

Our logo incorporates the dragon-fly, a common motif in Craftsman design. Inhabitants of two different realms in successive stages of life, dragon-flies symbolize the sense of self that comes with maturity. Their shimmering colors reflect and refract the power of light. They remind us that we are light and, especially in our mature years, we have the divine gift of creative imagination that can reflect our light in powerful ways for the benefit of family, friends, and community. Our hope is that, like the dragon-fly, the homeowners in Creekside will reflect and refract the values and vision of the Yachats community and engage their creative imaginations to bless our coastal village.